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Welcome to what has been described as the mother lode for merged help! This is the page to which Adobe Technical Support point people.

It is principally about merged WebHelp but in the Adobe 8 article, there is a section on merged Microsoft HTML help (CHMs).

Merged Help Articles



The Reasons for Merging Help Why you would want to use merged help.
How to merge your help The process using RoboHelp 9 to RoboHelp 2017.
CHMs Additional instructions for merging CHMs.
DUCC Additional instructions for merging WebHelp using Dynamic User Centric Content.
AIR Help Additional instructions for merging AIR Help
Merged Help with Nested TOCs How to nest one child project's TOC within another. No longer a recommended method to merge help but if you have no option, this is how.
Splitting Projects How to convert your existing project into separate projects.
Linking the TOC of one child to a topic in another child How to include a topic from one child in another child's TOC.
Multiple Outputs Phil Wells method of handling complex output combinations.
Toolbar Home Button How to include a toolbar button that will bring the user back to the default topic, no matter where they are in the merge. Not so necessary since breadcrumbs were introduced but it may be a requirement. The method can be used for toolbar links to any other topic.
Calling WebHelp Various methods of calling WebHelp.


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