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To an extent, this page duplicates the Authoring and RoboHelp menus. However, it does make it easier to see what they cover.

What's covered?



AIR Help How AIR Help works.

Auto Expand Dropdown Text

This topic is about creating a link to another topic and opening it with a particular dropdown or expanding text hotspot displayed.

Build Expressions A brief tutorial on writing build expressions for your RoboHelp outputs.
Browsers This page has been removed as it covered issues with browsers that are no longer supported.

Calling Webhelp

This topic covers

  • Calling WebHelp using URLs
  • Calling WebHelp using Map IDs
  • Calling Merged WebHelp using Map IDs
  • Calling WebHelp using Topic IDs

CHM Files Not Working

This topic covers the issues caused by Microsoft Security Update MS05-026.

Command Line Generation Bill Albing's page on how to generate from the command line.

Customising Help

This topic covers the issues surrounding requests from customers to have customised help.


Covers some of the problem areas regularly seen on the RoboHelp forum.

HTML5 Outputs The difference between Multiscreen and Responsive layouts.
Images The results of some testing of different methods of adding images to projects.

Importing Word Documents

How to import or link for best results in various versions of RoboHelp.

Installing and Activating RoboHelp

This page has been removed as it related to older versions when various problems might be encountered. Nowadays the process normally works without issue. In the event you are unlucky, contact your local Adobe Support as installation issues are free.

Javahelp Basics

An introduction to JavaHelp.

Javascript Basics

A bit of information from my look into the world of javascript.

Links to dropdown and expanding text

How to create a link to dropdown and / or expanding text in another topic so that the text is displayed for the user.

Links Links to sites and programs that I have found useful.
Lists Working with lists in RoboHelp.

Lowercase - Changing file names to

How to change your file names and hyperlinks to lowercase.

Merging WebHelp

Guides to working with merging help and a method that avoids the problem of links between the parent project and the child projects.

Opening Projects

Ways of opening projects with corrupt files or in an earlier version of RoboHelp

Password Protecting a Folder

How to password protect a folder on a Unix server.

Printed Output

A guide to how to produce printed output and deal with some of the frequently encountered problems.

Project Templates Create a new project set up with your defaults.
Publishing WebHelp How to keep your server neat and tidy.

Regular Expressions

If you write your own expressions to find string patterns, this is a table setting out the characters used.

Reverse Engineering

Sometimes you only have the output files for webhelp or a compiled chm file and nobody can locate the source files. This topic covers how to recover from that situation.

Right to Left Help How to (ab)use RoboHelp to produce help for right to left languages.
RoboHelp Tour What's new and changed in the latest version of RoboHelp plus information about other features of RoboHelp.
Searching with ZoomSearch How to improve you search page with Google like results and multiple search options including searches outside your project.
Snippets Odds and ends that can be lifesavers.

Topic Editors

How to set up RoboHelp to automatically open different topics in different editors.

TOC Width

How to change the width of the TOC, Index and Search frame.

Twisties and Show / Hide

Shows how to emulate "twisties" where an arrow changes direction to highlight dropdown text, plus Show All / Hide All buttons.

Useful Links

Various sites that I have found useful.

Word Master TOC

How to create a Contents section spanning a number of Word documents.

Word Macros

Various word macros to make life that bit easier.